Novel Reviews: Saving Miss Oliver's


 “It’s no surprise that Saving Miss Oliver’s is informed by a compassionate knowledge of all people who inhabit independent schools. After all, the book’s author spent years teaching at and leading this kind of institution, and later was one of the nation’s top consultants. He knows the territory.

—Peter Tacy, former Executive Director of The Connecticut Association of Independent Schools and Head of The Marvelwood School, Kent Connect

“I  first saw Saving Miss Oliver’s in the Edgartown library -couldn’t resist the cover. The note in it from the previous reader: ‘Started this marvelous book at 5pm; finished it at 5am.’ Then I read it and have now ordered eight copies. Everyone in and out of education would enjoy this book. Thank you for writing Saving Miss Oliver’s.”

—Mari Harmon, Edgartown, MA

“From the very first paragraphs, Saving Miss Oliver’s is an engaging novel and is very highly recommended to all general fiction readers.”

—Midwest Book Review

“The characters jumped off the page and made me keep reading to find out what they were thinking, how they developed and what they did next.”

—Jessie Lea Abbott, Head of School, Katherine Delmar Burke School, San Francisco, CA

“This first novel is a winner. It is spelled out on the cover – For Everyone Who Has Evere Loved a School – and Stephen Davenport’s first novel, Saving Miss Oliver’s does not disappoint. The plot is terrific, the characters come alive under Davenport’s pen. Having been part of a university campus for several years, I found the book rang so true I couldn’t put it down.”

—Joyce Laabs, Book Review Editor, The Lakeland Times

“My copy of Saving Miss Oliver’s arrived a few hours before we set sail for Hawaii, a long awaited holiday. I replaced The World is Flat with it, and once begun, I couldn’t put it down. It was as if the novel was attached to my brain, my memories, my very soul.”

—Stephen Waters, Deering, NH

“Davenport does an excellent job of weaving the lessons of organizational development into a fictional story where the reader cares about the characters and can actually relate to and sympathize with each of their situations. How unique it is to find such lessons in a novel, let alone a novel so well crafted that the reader walks away inspired to be a better manager, teacher, student and leader.”

—Barbara Hines, Book Review Editior, Quill and Scroll, Howard University

“Please send me 100 brochures for this terrific book. We have run out!”

—David Mallery, Philadelphia, PA

“I finished reading Saving Miss Oliver’s in about two days because I couldn’t stop reading it.”

—Grace Quam, Black Mountain, NC

“I loved Saving Miss Oliver’s and I could not put it down. Every now and then i would stop and think of various  times and situations  during my own teaching career. I am happy to say that I have known several heroes like Fred Kindler. I will share this book with others who will find it meaningful. I send praise and admiration to Stephen Davenport.”

—Betty O’Regan, Arden, DE

“This is a wonderful novel, full of humor, warmth and wisdom, with a well-paced, intricate plot. Stephen Davenport not only knows the world of independent schools inside and out, he understands the complexities and contradictions of the human heart.”

—Linda Lancione Moyer