Misc Resources


Because much of my writing is set in schools, I list below two great educational institutions:

Aim High: A nationally recognized summer program of academics and youth development for Bay Area middle school boys and girls in low income situations. Summer is a critical time for low income students. Well over 90% of Aim High Graduates graduate from college. This program changes lives! I have been on the board of directors since Aim High was founded thirty years ago. If you are passionate about opening doors of opportunity for deserving under-served children, then you’ll want to go to and learn more.

The Athenian School:

Unlike many schools that focus on short-term outcomes, The Athenian School takes a lifelong view. Athenian’s approach results in students who are not only academically successful in college but who are inspired to make meaningful contributions throughout their lives.

At Athenian, the rigorous academic program is delivered in a way that resonates and sticks with students throughout their lives—because they learn by doing. By applying what is learned in the class to real world situations, Athenian students construct meaning out of research opportunities, realistic lab activities, critical thinking exercises and fact-based analysis. Whether in or out of the classroom, this approach allows students to incorporate their learning with their living, laying a strong foundation for a life of intellectual exploration and meaningful contribution.

Readers might be especially interested in the Athenian Wilderness Experience:

I was the Head of School from 1977-1987 and am an honorary board member. My membership in this school community has enriched my life immeasurably.


Hurray for independent bookstores! There are many great ones. Here are a few that I frequent:

A Great Good Place for Books, in the Montclair section of Oakland:

Orinda Books, Village Square, Orinda, CA

Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA

Goodreads: An online place to get and give book recommendations and reviews.


Left Coast Writers: a program, provided by and hosted at Book Passage to which writers belong to get and give support, training, advice. I recommend it fervently.

Path to Publishing: also sponsored by Book Passage. Very valuable advice and support  for writers:


Tom Jenks: As you will see on the website, Tom is also an excellent teacher of writing. I have learned a great deal from his week-long workshops. Tom edited Saving Miss Oliver’s.

Catherine Adams:  Catherine provides an excellent integrated support for writers. Her services include: developmental editing, book design (interior and cover) website design, each of which I used for No Ivory Tower, with excellent results. She also will research agents, creating a list of those most likely to be interested in representing an author’s work, and  will help sculpt the query letter.


Independent Book Publishers Association:  An indispensable membership for indie and self-publishers. Provides many services that would be unaffordable for individual publishers. Highly recommended.

An Excellent book for writers – readers too: How Fiction Works, by James Wood. The chapters on point of view are especially insightful. Mr. Wood appears to have read every great work of narrative fiction in the world.