Saving Miss Oliver's


The prestigious New England boarding school for girls, Miss Oliver’s School for Girls, is on the cusp of going under. The trustees have just fired Marjorie Boyd, headmistress for the last thirty-five years, because she’s derelict as a financial manager. But she is a brilliant educator, beloved of the alumnae and students, who are angry and rebellious and will hate her successor. Nevertheless, if her successor, Fred Kindler, can get the support of the legendary teacher, Francis Plummer, he has a fighting chance to save the school. But to Plummer, anyone who replaces Marjorie represents disaster.

His wife, Peggy Plummer, the librarian, thinks differently. She understands why the board of trustees had to save the school from the flaws of the very woman who had made it so worth saving. As passionately loyal to Kindler as Francis is to Marjorie, Peggy steps forward to help the new head, usurping her husband’s position at the head’s right hand. The school’s survival, Fred Kindler’s career and the Plummers’ marriage are now all at risk.

No Ivory Tower


Book Two of The Saga of Miss Oliver’s School for Girls, NO IVORY TOWER, was launched by West Margin Press in May 9, 2019.

Miss Oliver’s School for girls, beloved of its alumnae for the empowerment of young women, is under attack, and it is up to Rachel Bickham, the young African-American head of school to defend it, in her very first year. She is not about to let the school, with its curriculum designed by women for the way women learn, be hurt by the right-wing radio talk show host, a Trumpian proxy for every insult to women since time began, when he reveals a sex scandal involving one of the students. 

The Encampment


Stephen Davenport is currently writing Book Three of The saga of Miss Oliver’s school for Girls, THE ENCAMPMENT

For Sylvia Perrine Bickham, the head of school’s daughter, and her roommate, Elizabeth Cochrane, trouble starts on a warm September Sunday when on a walk to the village to get ice cream cones, they come across a homeless man. They give him money.  Later, they bring him food where he lives in a lean-to in the woods. They learn that he is a veteran of the Iraq War, probably suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and subject to dangerous rages. Still later, though the consequence for stealing, like for hosting a male in the dorm, is automatic expulsion, they steal warm clothes from the Outdoor Adventure equipment shed and bring them to him. Then winter comes. It is freezing outside, and a blizzard is forecast. He could freeze to death if he stays outside. Have they done all they can for him? Have they done enough? What is enough? 


Stephen Davenport is also working on a series of short stories tracing the life of Miss Oliver’s legendary teacher, Francis Plummer.

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